Hi there! 👋

I'm Sven - father, husband, musician with a thing for blogging and writing and routinely tinker too much.

In one form or the other this website is my digital playground since 2008 and likely will still be under construction until the day I shut it down for good - should that ever happen. While you can find the occasional update on the blog, I'm much more likely to update some of the pages in the wiki (it's not really a wiki, more like topic-pages as of know, but still).

You might want to have a look at my book-log which lists the books I read since 2015, have a look at the things that I'm using on a daily basis or simply check what I'm doing right now.

My latest posts:


While the list of social platforms that I don't use anymore is growing you might be able to find me hanging out as @svbck on Fosstodon. You can contact me via email at ….. coming soon